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Broadcast to anywhere, from anywhere with the help of our professional team of experts with years of live events experience.    VIP events
   Keynote speeches
   Brand activations
   Press events
Our event streaming equipment    Corporate events
   Award ceremonies
   Financial updates
   Product launches

We provide live streaming services
for all event types and sizes

To stream or not to stream?

Allen AV stocks a host of state-of-the-art live streaming technology and we are well-versed in delivering online events.

We can stream your event to almost anywhere, whether that is your own social media page, corporate platform or intranet. We can also offer a more bespoke platform solution that is fully-branded and white-label.

Additionally, we can offer solutions such as audience interaction modules, remote guest link-ups, monetised events, custom registration paths and PowerPoint slide syncing.

Our skilled-team and equipment stock give us the ability to provide everything you need to deliver your event, from set to stage, sound to lighting, LED screens to cameras, furniture to props and everything in-between.

Streaming Benefits
  • Broadcast to anyone around the world without the need to invest in expensive venues, travel and catering costs.
  • Include interviews and other presenters from anywhere around the world.
  • Strengthen your brand and brand awareness.
  • Allow everyone to participate in the event, especially those that couldn’t previously attend the original event.
  • Video to be made available post-event for future event/brand marketing.
  • Monetise your event with pay-per-view or advertisement space sponsorship.
All video, lighting and sound equipment included

We stream with amazing quality Sony 4K cameras

Professional streaming equipment

Professional vision mixing hardware and encoders

Professional audio equipment

Latest professional audio equipment and microphones

Professional lighting equipment

Entire lighting rigs in stock including LED

Complete with stage and set backdrop

Set, stage and backdrops available

Presenter interaction tools

Audience interaction suite and devices

We also have a professional live streaming studio in Milton Keynes

There are many benefits to streaming your event online


Taking your event online eliminates an array of costly elements such as accommodation, travel, venue and catering.


We offer a wide-range of interactive tools such as Q&A’s, Quizzes, Wordclouds – which allows delegates to interact in real-time with the presenters. This creates a more personable atmosphere and increases engagement.


Allow delegates and event managers to review and watch back the stream footage at any time. We can sync footage up with presentation slides and replace different camera angles.


Accessing a streamed event is as simple as having an internet connection. Attendance is generally increased when delegates aren’t required to appear in person – especially when users can view on-the-go via a mobile device.


Our in-house team of designers will work with you to ensure the web-stream portal, online communications and any overlay graphics are all on brand and harnessing your company’s image.


We can create bespoke microsites where you can sell advertising space during your live stream as another revenue opportunity. We also allow you to monetise your live stream and can integrate with a number of payment solutions such as WorldPay, Stripe and PayPal.

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